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10 and 12mm

Floor Finishings

Our floor finishing offers you the best combination of quality, style and  value, in a wide range of colors, and design. They are also  engineered for exceptional strength and durability and will last for  years.


They are highly stain resistance and requires very little routine maintenance.. Simply sweep the floor daily and mop with damp mop and its as good as new. So come in and make your choice, either in Laminate wooden floors or Parquet flooring or Vinyl, you will always feel at home.

LamiNate Wooden Floors

Our Laminate wooden floors are easy to install and uninstall, stain proof, scratch proof, fire resistance and easy to maintain. Ideal for all kinds of building. They come in thickness of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm


Parquet wood flooring

Parquet flooring is a wood flooring solution that is made from small wood blocks or strips installed in such a way that they create regular geometrical patterns. They can be laid in regular and geometrical, angular shapes, square-like shapes, or triangles-like shapes. They are made from Apa wood and Iroko wood. They come in thickness of 10mm and 14mm


Vinyl Flooring

Our Vinyl flooring is made in europe. It is a durable and resilient material that is nearly impervious to water damage and resistant to almost all staining agents. It is easy to maintain, long lasting  and relatively inexpensive. Our Vinyl flooring is extensively used because it is water-impervious, durable, adjustably resilient and insulating, easy to install, and available with a variety of appearances,


Available accessories are Victorian Skirting, Skirting, Concave line, Door profile, Stair profile and Quarter round